Fab of the Future at Superb
When I began working in the fabrication business 35 years ago, it used to be said that all you needed was a band-saw, a jig, a template, a prototype and an empty garage to get started.  As you know, things have changed.

Enter Technology & Growth:  At Superb, we believe there’s still a market for a company that produces parts from concepting to finishing.  This is how I began in the fabrication business in 1974 making prototypes and fixtures from start to finish – yet the operation and business approach is completely different today.

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We’ve grown from a small prototype shop to having the ability to handle both small & large projects – in terms of scope & volume. Today our shop is 6,000 square feet and we service customers in many different areas including laser cutting, forming, fabricating, and welding.  We are fabricating after-market classic car parts, recycling containers, metal tables, stands and just about anything else you can think of with a metal base.

Take a look at a few of the projects we’ve recently done. We’re not just automotive!

We’ve worked with recycling companies in developing sorting tables and collection containers.  They came to us with a need – develop a device to collect consumer batteries in grocery stores and office buildings.  Not only did we develop a great collection container, but we designed and manufactured a table to sort the batteries after they were collected.

Bring us your next idea and let’s bring it to life!

- Herb Stricker, Owner Superb Fabricating LLC

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